Oh my goodness. Cafe Luluc is a pancake haven.  If you don’t know about this place, get in the car or on the next train down to Smith St immediately.  Located in a beautifully bustling area of Brooklyn lies a cash-only restaurant that makes some of the areas best food.

I’ve had a few things off the menu including pasta, a crab cake (I WISH I had a picture of this… looks like I’m going back this week), and a pulled pork sandwich.  However, their pancakes are on another level of amazing.  They’re crispy on the outside, and fluffy and buttery on the inside, topped with fresh fruit and paired with local maple syrup.  They actually serve them as a side or an entree, and are offered at any time of the day.

I love this place also because they have amazing deals such as pasta night on Mondays, and oyster specials!  You really need to get here very early as there are no reservations.  Like I said, it’s cash only, but there are plenty of banks and ATMs that in a hurry you can get cash.  Be prepared to indulge and leave feeling very satisfied!

-Morgan R.

5 star rating is not only because their brunch menu is delicious, but because among the ever increasing costs of brunch places in NY, Luluc somehow managed to not be defiled and stayed pure. Luluc is proof that brunching can be cheap as long as you’re willing to wait in a line… for a while.

No matter what time you arrive on the weekend, you’re bound for a 20 minute wait in their cramped entrance with 10 other like-minded brunchers. They don’t have an app that texts you when your table is ready. There’s a notepad and pencil. Once your turn is up, your name gets called, and if you’re not there, your name gets scratched from the notepad. An old school attendance taking method.

The pancakes were phenomenal as expected: crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, leaving nothing else to strive for. The traditional eggs Benedict with ham came with a large serving of thinly cut fries and salad with light dressing on the side. Ham was delicious and eggs were perfectly runny. They could use a little less vinegar in poaching the eggs, but I was still a happy camper. I got an additional side of bacon and let me tell you, it was salty, crispy, and portioned well. I think the side of bacon was my favorite of them all. It was the first plate to leave our table empty. Best 5 bucks ever spent.

Seating is TIGHT, so don’t expect privacy in your little nook. I think I spent less time seated than waiting for my seat.

-Beril E.

Have had the pancakes each time I’ve come here which have consistently delicious! Good coffee and fresh orange juice.
Definitely recommend coming before 9am on the weekends as there is usually await after. They can sometimes be slow to seat, but the service is generally pretty good.
Great weekend brunch place.

-Tamara C.

Went for weekend brunch/lunch and on another occasion for “Drunch” (a Thursday Special)

Service: really good, for the most part fast

Ambiance: casual, neighborhood crowd, they have a patio with seating outside

Food: many different options, mostly French bistro style, but with occasional Mexican specials, which is really interesting

Prices: fair/reasonable, but take Cash Only (no credit cards)

-Jennifer A.